CuriosityStream App not Working: Fix Server Down, Crashing & Loading errors

Is CuriosityStream App not working on your iOS or Android device? If you want to know Why it’s not working today? if you are having CuriosityStream server down, blank screen freezing, Crashing, Server error, Connection error, or anything like that while using CuriosityStream,then this post is for you.

CuriosityStream App not working

App NameCuriosityStream
DevloperCuriosityStream, LLC
Release Date2015-03-13 17:05:19
File Size (iOS)171,182.00

CuriosityStream is the world’s leading documentary and non-fiction streaming service covering science, nature, history, biographies of real characters of consequence and pretty much anything else you can think of.
Learn about our natural world alongside luminaries like Sir David Attenborough. Look at our universe with wonder as Michio Kaku and Brian Greene broaden your perspective on space, time and the future. Step back in time and explore dinosaurs, ancient history, and the rise of homo sapiens.
Curiositystream also offers CuriosityKIDS, a dedicated collection of safe, entertaining…

Why CuriosityStream App is not Working Today?

There might be any kind of root causes depending on the issue users are having and why CuriosityStream is not working.

Here are a few of those-

  • The app servers are offline, can’t be reached, or simply under-maintenance at this time.
  • It is not supported by your phone.
  • This app is not compatible with the current Version of your phone’s OS.
  • You haven’t provided sufficient permissions.
  • The problem with your cellular/WiFi connection,
  • The user id or password that you are entering you are wrong.

You can fix app-related errors most of the time.

How can i resolve CuriosityStream App not working error?

If this Education application not working on your Android phone, follow this process mentioned below-

  1. Check if there is an update. Update to the latest one if available to install.
  2. Review your net connection, Find out that If poor speed is the reason.
  3. You can connect with CuriosityStream, LLC on Twitter or via to see if the server is under-maintance or offline.
  4. If the server is down today, you have to wait till it is fixed.
  5. Check on the app download page, that if the other users are having the same problem. If that’s the case it is most likely a bug.
  6. If you installed the app from an unauthorized source, please uninstall it. Some developers do not allow it.
  7. If the issue is login-related reset your password and try again.
  8. If nothing works, you can contact customer care.

That’s it, that is all you have to do.

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