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حمل الآن اول لعبة كيرم بالقوانين العربية في العالم العربي و الخليج!
أول لعبة كيرم مع خاصية الدردشة الصوتية. كون صداقات جديدة والعب مع اصحابك الآن
العب مع أصدقائك اونلاين, قم باضافة بودر على الطاولة وتحدى كل من يواجهك! اجمع مضارب و احجار مميزة و كن الاول على قوائم المتصدرين

ميز نفسك مع كيرم VIP

● تعرف على اصحاب جدد في شات صوتي عالي الدقة
● نافس في مستويات أعلى وضاعف أرباحك
● أصنع البوم خاص بك ليتمكن الجميع من معرفتك
● ميز نفسك بالدردشة مع إطارات فخمة وألوان رائعة لاسمك
● العديد من المميزات الأخرى فقط في كيرم VIP

الميزات الاخرى:
● اضافة اصدقاء
● مود تنافسي حماسي
● العب ضد الجهاز في الاوف لاين او لاعبين على نفس الجهاز
● اهزم اصدقائك أو الغرباء في الاون لاين
● ادع اصدقائك والعب معهم
● اختر من تشكيلة من الشخصيات, الخلفيات, أحجار اللعب, و المضارب

تواصل معنا- اذا لديك اي اسئلة أو تعليقات و إقتراحات أو مجرد أن تكون على علم باخر التحديثات, تواصل معنا على فيسبوك أو انستجرام.


The first Carrom in Arabic Rules is now available on stores! Download it now and challenge your
Now with the new voice chat! Meet new people and play with your friends now!
Play with your friends in real time! Add powder to the board, and take on your competition!
Collect special strikers and pucks and compete in leaderboards!

Distinguish yourself with VIP Carrom:
● Make new friends with high quality voice chat
● Participate in bigger challenges and double your rewards
● Create your own album to show people who you are
● Distinguish yourself in chat with exquisite frames & amazing colors for your name
● Many other special features only in VIP carrom

Other Features:
● Adding friends
● Competitive modes
● Battle against bots in Offline Single Player and 2 players on the same device
● Compete with friends or strangers in Online Multiplayer
● Invite and play with your friends
● Unlock and choose from a variety of Characters, Themes, Pucks, and Strikers
● Adding powder to the board

Contact us – If you have any questions or suggestions and would like to stay up to date with the game contact us on Facebook or Instagram:

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Name of the GameCarrom | كيرم Online pool game
Game Rating3.95464 Star From 1852 users
Total App store rating1852 reviews
Supported plateformiOS/Android Smartphone,Tablets
Current version2.2.3 on App store
Game CategoryGames
Date of publication2019-05-24 00:07:11
Is it Free to download? Yes
Game size (in KB)195,853.00
Game DeveloperChick Mania Entertainment Co

What is Carrom | كيرم Online pool game

Carrom | كيرم Online pool game Game is most popular in mobie users mobile game within Games genre which is uploaded on 2019-05-24 00:07:11.

You can Download Carrom | كيرم Online pool game, You can Install from App store or Play store.As per Information on App store This Android & iOS mobile game Receives 3.95464 Star From 1852 mobile phone users.

This Android & iOS mobile game is Free to download so We can Download This without Paying any money.

It is available in on almost any Mobile OS. It means you can Download Carrom | كيرم Online pool game on Android emulator, Ipads, Android tablets,iPhones, Ipads & Android phones also.

Carrom | كيرم Online pool game Apk Download is absolutely free to Install on your Android/iOS mobile.

Download Carrom | كيرم Online pool game mod Apk+OBB file

  1. To Download the Game, You  Went to Mobile App store or Other App Download website.
  2. Now You are on the Downloading page then user just have to click on Download now Button.
  3. After Downloading is start then we have to Download OBB file In case Downloading Carrom | كيرم Online pool game Apk from  Third party Apk downloading sites.
  4. In the end extract the OBB file in  Internal Storage ⇒ Android  ⇒ OBB Folder.
  5.  After that The extraction process Complete then User solely need to Install apk file.
  6.  In the end Carrom | كيرم Online pool game is ready to be played.

Download Carrom | كيرم Online pool game iOS App

  1. To install this mobile game, You need to Went to Your phone’s App store or Third party app downloading sites by this Download link.
  2. Now we are on the Downloading page then You just need to click on Install Button.
  3.  Now Finally!! Carrom | كيرم Online pool game is ready to be played.

Carrom | كيرم Online pool game hacks Free coins, gems & Money

In case you need to Unlock the Premium Item hack in-App purchase to get Free Coins, Free Gems, Diamonds  in Carrom | كيرم Online pool game then all you need to do is Follow the Exact procedure.

  1. In the start, Download the lucky Patcher App install & open it by this Download link .
  2. After that the Previous step complete then in Now we must Open the lucky patcher and tap Carrom | كيرم Online pool game.
  3. Now that You choose itthen go to Patches ⇒ Menu of patches ⇒ Create modified apk ⇒ Apk rebuilt for inApp and LVL emulation .
  4. In the pop-up menu window Click on Go to file to Replace the Real App & nowInstall Lucky patcher modified apk file.
  5. Now Open Lucky patcher’s Carrom .
  6. Now that all the Steps is done user will have to Navigate to the option choose to purchase any Item within Game .
  7. In the Last stage A pop up by Lucky patcher App will appear tik on the correct bracket and Voila.

So that’s the Full details about  Carrom | كيرم Online pool game. If you have any query or  want to share your Opinions about this; then you can mention in the comment section.

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