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Bring your music collection to life with animated performances as you embark on a career in the industry! Form your own band by recruiting talent from over 100 artists across 6 unique labels. Then record hits that will top the charts and take them on the road to over 20 different venues – complete with real reviews that scrutinize your strengths and weaknesses. With an endless schedule of possibilities before you, and an ever-evolving industry to immerse yourself in, Popscene captures the highs and lows of music in the palm of your hand!

* Please note that this game’s use of MP3s may not be compatible with some devices. If this affects you, consider turning off MP3 music in the options.

Popscene divides the music making process into entertainment (represented by stars) and artistry (represented by hearts). As in real life, popular music is more likely to shoot up the charts and draw fans – but without substance, the success may be short-lived. Each of the game’s many artists has the following attributes that influence this process:

– POPULARITY is the artist’s ability to draw fans to entertaining content.
– REPUTATION is their ability to draw fans to artistic content.
– PERFORMANCE is their ability to perform entertaining songs live.
– TALENT is their ability to perform artistic songs live.
– PRODUCTION is their ability to compose entertaining music.
– WRITING is their ability to compose artistic music.
– HAPPINESS is the pleasure they currently get from their work.
– ATTITUDE indicates how likely they are to either contribute or cause trouble.

Each week, depending on the size of your team and their collective attitude, new songs may be recorded. Each member of the team contributes their score to a new song, and whoever scores the highest will be credited with making it. Members who are dedicated backstage staff will contribute twice instead of once – increasing the chances of a good song being written.

Once songs exist, it is the on-stage performers who must bring it to life. As with writing, each band member on stage contributes their score and the highest determines how well the song was received in each category. This time, it is the “frontman” who gets to contribute twice instead of once – so consider who is at the forefront.

The overall rating for a show is the average of all the songs performed – albeit slightly more generous so that perfection is not required. This is also true of album reviews. A 5-star performance may consist of consistent 4-star contributions. Reviews are where your performances feed back into the stats that produced them, because each attribute will rise or fall to reflect what just happened.

When booking venues, you must consider how much it will cost versus how much you are likely to recoup. Tickets are sold at $5 per song so it depends how long your set is. You will receive a percentage of this revenue, and must then use that to pay your employees and any other expenses. Singles are sold at $1 each whereas albums are sold at $1 per song for a maximum of $10. If you have a week of inactivity, you may find that you make a loss because of the expenses of your lifestyle (which reflects your wealth).

I regret there is more to this game than I could ever explain here, so enjoy figuring some things out for yourself!

Section Information
Name of the Game Popscene (Music Industry Sim)
Game Rating 3.65442 Star From 735 users
Total App store rating 735 reviews
Supported plateform iOS/Android Smartphone,Tablets
Current version 1.13 on App store
Game Category Games
Date of publication 2014-02-07 00:21:52
Is it Free to download?  Yes
Game size (in KB) 43,822.00
Game Developer MDickie Limited

What is Popscene (Music Industry Sim)

Popscene (Music Industry Sim) Game is highly rated by players mobile game in the Games genre which is available from 2014-02-07 00:21:52.

Mobile phone users Install Popscene (Music Industry Sim), You able to Install from Play store or Itunes store.Until today This Android & iOS game Got 3.65442 Star From 735 users.

This Game is Free for users so iOS & Android Smarphone users can Play This game without Paying any money.

It is available in on both major Android and iOS Operating system. It means you can Download Popscene (Music Industry Sim) on iPhones, Ipads, Android tablets, Android phones, Android emulator also.

Popscene (Music Industry Sim) Apk Download is totally free to Install on your Android/iOS device.

Download Popscene (Music Industry Sim) mod Apk+OBB file

  1. To Download, You required to Go to Google Play Store or Third party apk site.
  2. Now user are on the Game download page then user just have to click on Download now Button.
  3. Once Download Process is start then we need to Download OBB file if Downloading Popscene (Music Industry Sim) Apk from  Third party apk site.
  4. In this step extract the OBB file in OBB folder which found under Android folder in Internal memory.
  5.  After that The process of Extraction will be done then Player simply have to Install apk file.
  6.  In the end Popscene (Music Industry Sim) is ready to be played.

Download Popscene (Music Industry Sim) iOS App

  1. To Download the Game, You required to Go to Your phone’s App store or Third party iOS app sites by this Download link.
  2. After user are on the Downloading page then we utterly need to click on Download Button.
  3.  Now Finally!! Popscene (Music Industry Sim) is ready to be played.

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  2. Once that the First step is done then in here You need to Open the lucky patcher and Click Popscene (Music Industry Sim).
  3. Once that You choose itthen go to Patches ⇒ Menu of patches ⇒ Create modified apk ⇒ Apk rebuilt for inApp and LVL emulation .
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So that’s the Full details about  Popscene (Music Industry Sim). If you want to ask something or  frankly want to share your Opinions about this; then you can mention in the Comment box.

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