Download Scrapyard Tycoon Idle Game 1.8.0 Mod Apk For iOS & Android

You can become an idle scrapyard tycoon! You’ve got the dream job here at your scrapyard, where you’ve got to manage all the machines and work stations to earn the most cash and make as much profit as you can – you are a tycoon after all…! Do you crush cars or recycle them? Upgrade your crane? Expand your warehouse if it’s too full?

This is how the idle scrapyard tycoon game works…Cars are delivered to the car lot, the crane then moves them to the car breaker where workers from removal stations go to remove parts from the cars. These are then moved to the crusher and the spare parts go to the warehouse. Players later unlock crafting stations such as the wheel workstation. They can buy blueprints to craft different items. All to become an idle scrapyard tycoon and become a millionaire capitalist!

You’ve got to keep your customers happy so complete all their orders! Go to the car trader so you can buy old cars and take off spare parts…or do you just take them to the big crusher!

There are different work stations for you to manage. The Wheel Workstation, the Car Body Part Workstation, the Interior Workstation and the Mechanics Workstation. You’ll need to invest here to earn idle cash and boost your profits as a scrapyard tycoon. This is the start of a new empire to become a millionaire! You can earn offline or online.

Crafting is a really important part of the game to earn cash and grow your profit and earnings. Everything from tyres to windows glass to sat navs. You’ve got to buy blueprints to craft all the different car parts in your scrapyard. Buy, sell, trade, earn and profit. It’s all in your hands!!

And don’t forget, you are helping to recycle car parts here so you’re also saving the planet with all this crafting, trading and recycling. Thank you! Someone’s trash could be your treasure – think of the cash and earnings, you genius tycoon!

Your warehouse is important as you need to store your parts here, but you’ll need to make sure the warehouse is upgraded with your profit investments so you have enough room to keep earning more cash to become a millionaire – even a billionaire! You’ve got to grow your capitalist empire – cranes, crushers, car lots, storage and more. This is how to get rich!

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Section Information
Name of the Game Scrapyard Tycoon Idle Game
Game Rating 4.54448 Star From 1394 users
Total App store rating 1394 reviews
Supported plateform iOS/Android Smartphone,Tablets
Current version 1.8.0 on App store
Game Category Games
Date of publication 2020-11-14 08:00:00
Is it Free to download?  Yes
Game size (in KB) 270,136.00
Game Developer Neon Play

What is Scrapyard Tycoon Idle Game

Scrapyard Tycoon Idle Game Game is an amazing mobile game in the Games type which is uploaded on 2020-11-14 08:00:00.

Mobile phone users Install Scrapyard Tycoon Idle Game, You able to Download from official Mobile App stores.According to the information on Game download page This Android & iOS game Receives 4.54448 Star From 1394 users.

This mobile game is Free to play so Any mobile phone user can Play This game without Paying online.

It is available in on all Android and iOS Operating system. It means you can Download Scrapyard Tycoon Idle Game on Android phones, iPhones, Ipads, Android tablets, and Android emulators also.

Scrapyard Tycoon Idle Game Apk Download is Completelly free to Install on your Android/iOS device.

Download Scrapyard Tycoon Idle Game mod Apk+OBB file

  1. To install, You have to Go to iOS or Android App store or Other App Download website.
  2. After You are on the Game installation page then You utterly have to click on Download Button.
  3. Now Download Process is start then we have to Download OBB file if Downloading Scrapyard Tycoon Idle Game Apk from  Third party apk site.
  4. In the end extract the OBB file in OBB Subfolder in Android Folder.
  5.  After that The extraction is done then User simply need to Install apk file.
  6.  In the end Scrapyard Tycoon Idle Game is ready to be played.

Download Scrapyard Tycoon Idle Game iOS App

  1. To Download the Game, You need to Visit to App store or Third party iOS app sites by this Download link.
  2. After user are on the Game installation page then user solely have to tap on Install now Button.
  3.  In the end Scrapyard Tycoon Idle Game is ready to be played.
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Scrapyard Tycoon Idle Game hacks Free coins, gems & Money

If you you have to Unlock the Premium Item hack in-App purchase to get Free Coins, Free Gems, Diamonds  in Scrapyard Tycoon Idle Game then all you need to do is follow the steps which I mentioned below.

  1. in the starting, Download the lucky Patcher Android App install and open it by this Download link .
  2. Now that the First step is done then in Now we need to Open the lucky patcher and tap Scrapyard Tycoon Idle Game.
  3. Now that user choose itthen go to Patches > Tap on Create modified apk then choose inApp and LVL emulation > Now Apply the whole setting .
  4. In the popup window select on Go to file to Uninstall the original App file & after thatinstall Cracked version.
  5. Now Open Scrapyard Tycoon Idle Game modified apk.
  6. After that all the Steps is complete we will have to Navigate to the option choose to purchase any Item within Game .
  7. Now Finally!! A pop up by Lucky patcher App will appear tik on the correct bracket and Voila.

So that’s the Complete information about  Scrapyard Tycoon Idle Game. If you want to ask something or  frankly want to give your Review about this; then you can mention in the comment section.

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