Fix BALLN App Not Working on Android & iOS

Are you having errors while using the BALLN app on your Android or iOS device? This comprehensive article provides valuable insights into the root couses behind the BALLN not working and ways to solve it, like server outage, blank screens, freezing, crashing at startup, other in-app bugs, or connection glitches.

BALLN App Information

Name of AppBALLN
App DeveloperG13R LIMITED
Release Date2021-07-21 07:00:00

BALLN uses proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology to measure your football skills so you can get your own real life Player Card.

We make training and testing fun again. Play and Improve with the BALLN AI.

BALLN offers indoor and outdoor skill rating tests using AI and AR, plus great training programs so you can be a Pro Baller.

Subscribers to BALLN PLUS can access unlimited skill testing and the entire content library of over 350 skill progression videos.

Download BALLN now and get your Player Card to start improving today!

BALLN allows you to measure and benchmark your core football skills: shooting, dribbling, passing, first touch, agility, ball control, reaction time and acceleration. Player Cards have been immortalised by the EA Sports and the FIFA video game franchise, now, through the BALLN app, Player Cards are for everyone, not just the Pro’s.

Our Player Card rating system has been adapted from the latest sports science research, building on research from some of the world’s largest football talent identification studies which have tracked 100,000s of youth…

Reasons why BALLN App not Working Today?

There maybe multiples root causes depending on the error users are getting or why BALLN is not working.

Here are a few of those problems-

  • app servers are going under large volume of traffic, offline or under-maintenance.
  • Your smart phone isn’t compatible this app.
  • The mobile app is not compatible with the latest OS update.
  • Required permissions haven’t been provided during installation.
  • There is some issue with your internet,
  • You are entering the wrong login data.

Whatever the issue is, most of the time you can fix it.

Steps to resolve BALLN App not working error?

If this Sports app not working on your device, here is how to fix-

  1. Find out that you have installed the latest app version available.
  2. Check internet speed, Check that that this is not a network-related problem.
  3. Check the status of the servers, and confirm that the servers are online currently.
  4. If the server isn’t online currently, you have to wait till it is online again.
  5. Check on the app download page, that if the other users like you are having the same problem. If that’s the case it is most likely a bug.
  6. Some developers won’t allow APK installation from third-party sources. Uninstall it if you download installed from an unofficial website.
  7. You can fix login errors by resetting login password.
  8. Try clearing out app cache & data and reboot smartphone.

In short

That’s it, that is all you have to do.

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