How to Fix Fitness Logbook App Not Working on Android & iOS

Are you one of the many users who have been facing the Fitness Logbook not working on your device? This blog post delves into the common causes and offers some handy tips to get the app back up and running, so you can manage your Health & Fitness with ease.

Information aboutFitness Logbook App

Name of AppFitness Logbook
Developer nameFitness Logbook OU
release date2021-05-05 07:00:00

Fitness Logbook is a simple yet powerful app for logging workouts and tracking progress. The app is free of charge, it doesn’t contain ads, and no registration is needed. All the data are stored on your device only. Backups are stored in iCloud if you will not prohibit this. If you allow, the app can integrate with Apple Health.

With this app, you can:
– Record workouts
– Create and share workout routines
– Track progress with indicators, like 1RM, total weight lifted, pace, etc.
– Create your exercises, if no suitable found in the database
– Record nutrition and supplements intake, body measurements, and sleep
– Export data as CSV

Reasons why Fitness Logbook App not Working Today?

There might be many root causes depend upon the issue users are facing or why this app not working.

Here are a few-

  • Fitness Logbook server are going under heavy traffic, down or under-maintenance.
  • The mobile doesn’t support this app.
  • This app is not compatible with the current Version of your phone’s OS.
  • You haven’t provided sufficient permissions.
  • A problem with your cellular/WiFi connection,
  • You are using the wrong login information.

Whatever the issue is, most of the time you can fix it.

How can i resolve Fitness Logbook App not working error?

If this Health & Fitness mobile app not working on your mobile phone, follow this procedure as it is-

  1. Check if there is an update. Download the latest version if there is.
  2. Review your net connection, Confirm that If poor speed is the reason.
  3. You can connect with Fitness Logbook OU on Twitter or via to see if the servers are down or under-maintainance.
  4. If there is no problem with the server, network, or update you can try resetting Fitness Logbook. to do so clear out app cache and data.
  5. Make sure that the application is compatible with your phone.
  6. Some developers won’t allow APK installation from third-party sources. Uninstall it if you download installed from an unofficial website.
  7. If the issue is unablity to login reset your password and try again.
  8. Try clearing out app data & cache and restart smartphone.

Points to Remember

That’s how a user can fix this not working issue.

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