Temple Run Training Game Mod Apk For Android & iOS Download

Name of the GameTemple Run Training Game
Game Rating3 Star From 624 users
Total App store rating624 reviews
Supported plateformiOS/Android Smartphone,Tablets
Current version1.5 on App store
Game CategoryGames
Date of publication2012-03-13 17:41:36
Is it Free to download? Yes
Game size (in KB)19,461.74
Game DeveloperMartin Finch


What is Temple Run Training Game

Temple Run Training Game Game is an amazing mobile game under Games type which is uploaded on 2012-03-13 17:41:36.

If you love to Download Temple Run Training Game, You can Install from official App stores.Till the date of writting this Article This Game Got 3 Star From 624 Players.

This Android & iOS game is Free to download so iOS & Android Smarphone users can Play This game without Paying any money.

It is available in on almost any Android and iOS Operating system. It means you can Download Temple Run Training Game on iPhones, Ipads, Android tablets, Android phones, Android emulator too.

Temple Run Training Game Apk Download is absolutely free to Install on your Android/iOS device.

Download Temple Run Training Game mod Apk+OBB file

  1. To install this mobile game, You need to Go to Your phone’s App store or Third party apk site.
  2. After You are on the Downloading page then we utterly have to click on Download now Button.
  3. Once Downloading is start then You need to Download OBB file In case Downloading Temple Run Training Game Apk from  Third party apk site.
  4. In the end extract the OBB file in OBB folder which found under Android folder in Internal memory.
  5.  Once that The process of Extraction will be finish then we simply have to Install apk file.
  6.  In the end Temple Run Training Game is ready to be played.


Download Temple Run Training Game mod Apk+OBB file

  1. First of all, You  Went to iOS App store or Third party app downloading sites.
  2. After we are on the Game download page then You utterly need to click on Download Button.
  3.  In the end Temple Run Training Game is ready to be played.


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If you you need to Unlock the Premium Item hack in-App purchase to get  Diamonds, Coins & Gems completely free  in Temple Run Training Game then all you need to do is Follow this step by step procedure.

  1. In the start, Download the lucky Patcher mobile application install and after install open it .
  2. Now that the Previous step complete then in here user must Open the lucky patcher and tap Temple Run Training Game.
  3. Once that You tap on itthen go to Create a modified apk with inApp and LVL emulation just by taping on Menu of Menu of patches, then Create modified apk and then selecting Apk rebuilt for inApp and LVL emulation .
  4. In the popup window select on Go to file to Remove the Original App & nowInstall the modified apk.
  5. Now Open Lucky patcher’s Temple Run Training Gamemodified apk file.
  6. Now that all the Process is complete You will have to In the game go to Purchase menu to purchase for free .
  7. In the Last stage A pop up by Lucky patcher App will appear tik on the correct bracket and Voila.


Temple Run Training Game Review



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??? Can you score 1400 points ???
!!!! The world best record so far is 1800 !!!!

Temple Run Training – Retro Games X is game designed to improve your temple run skills by using the same game mechanic but cranking up the speed and difficulty.

So so easy to play. When the arrows go between the white bars swipe your finger in the direction of the arrow. For example, swipe your finger left when a left arrow goes between the bars. Last as long as you can. It’s that simple 🙂

Similar in style to DDR and the Tap Tap Revenge series, Temple Run Training – Retro Games X is an addictive little gem that anyone can play. The first 20 seconds are just a warm up, once the arrows start spawning faster it’s time to start working that calculator brain of yours.

The word is Temple Run Training – Retro Games X is becoming one of the best games in the market and is getting more and more downloads each day. Game players have gone crazy sitting on their butt, on the subway, on the school bus all day trying to top their best score, so be careful, it’s addictive ;D

1800 is the worlds best record so far. If you beat this score, please send us a screenshot or video capture and we will post it here for the world to see.

The style is inspired by early retro video games such as defender, space invaders, and consoles such as the atari 2600 and vetrex (vector line graphics console). The Temple Run Training – Retro Games X style is also influenced by neo retro games such as geometry wars, and the movies tron and rez.

Temple Run Training – Retro Games X is also part of the X series of pro games by Cobalt Play. These little jewels are training style games which improve your skill in other games. If you’re great at one of these you’ll scare your friends and school them with your amazing mobile game skills

The X series includes:

Aim X – a sword slice game similar to fruit ninja
Ascend X – a ninjump style training game
Tap Tap X – a tap catch – avoid game
Accelerate X – an old school drive / racer avoidance game
Alpha Jetpack X – a jetpack joyride training game
Alpha Run – Impossible Game X – one of the hardest games in the market inspired by The Impossible Game.
Geometry Line Runner – a avoidance geometry wars style game
Glow Bubble Blast – a quick tap reaction game

Also search for our hits Chicks Revenge and Go Chick Go. This isn’t a sexy girl chick 😉 it’s a cute angry chick out to kill the other farm animals and birds. These are funny, casual games, unlike the X series. Blast your way to the sky, shoot sweetcorn bullets, fire off the rocket suit, wage war and dash through the levels. Great fun for kids and adults.

Cobalt Play is a small business with a big plan. Please help make Temple Run Training – Retro Games X a top rated game by rating it. Please also recommend it your friends on Facebook and other social networks.

So that’s the Each & everthing about  Temple Run Training Game. If you want to ask something or  want to share your Opinions about this; then you can mention in the comment section.

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